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OSC Automotive  
Video production of new werehouse.  Team effort to conceptual, shoot and edit for Companies website and Youtube channel.

These commercials where conceptualized & produced in a team environment.  My involvement began in development and was finalized by making these commercials available online and on cable television.

Analytical data for app downloads, app user-ship, website visits, and call volume where compared and reported on.  



Mobile Application use has proven to grow. Monitoring smart phone types, networks and platforms provided insight to key triggers to implement in our campaigns resulting in more mobile app downloads and use.  

User feedback and bug reporting continues to improve with application updates. 




Auto Parts ECommerce Website

AutoQuip Autoparts [ ]

AQAP is an eCommerce selling autoparts.  Website utilizing SAAS Cloudbase provider BigCommerce for its eCommerce solution and a BigCommerce Template. This template has been customerized by a outside design team and look and feel and been utilized on AQAP ebay.  Product inventory and Omni channel managment is managed with Sellbrite and Inkfrog.

Features YMM search and product filters by engine, trasmission types.

Omni channels: Amazon & Ebay Motors

SEO/SEM: Google Anylitics/Seach Console/ SEMALT 

PPC: Amazon / Facebook 

Ride Control Prodiucts

Ride Control Products. [ ] is developed with a Gantry Framework with Joomla Content Management System.  Features include an tech support ticketing system.


Dance Rax

Dance Rax [ ]

Dancerax eCommerce website build on SAAS, Cloudbased Shopify.  A Shopify template modified to suit the brand.  Features a facebook pixel to sell and communicate facebook.

SEO/SEM: Google Anylitics/Seach Console/ SEMALT 

A White & Yellow Cab Inc. [ [offline] ] corporate website is developed with a Gantry Framework with Joomla Content Management System.  Featuring a customer lost and found ticketing system, customer community, and an integrated Digital Dispatch System (DDS) online web booking module to order taxi's from the web.  Other notable uses is the Company blog and embedded video. Languages used: PHP 5.0, JavaScript, MySQL on an IIS web-server.

SEO/SEM: Google Anylitics/ Seach Console/ Wordstream

PPC: Google Adwords/ Rebranding / Yelp

Steppingout Performing Arts Studio Website Design

Stepping Out Performing Arts & Recording Studio [ ]

Basic website. Customer testimonies & video integration. Features Joomla  Content Managment System, blog, News  Languages used: PHP 5.0, JavaScript, MySQL on an LAMP web-server, hosted on goDaddy.

Integration with a SAAS Studio Management system for online registration.

SEO/SEM: Google Anylitics/Seach Console/ SEMALT 

PPC: Google Adwords/ Facebook/ Instagram/ Yelp

Dancethreads Website

Dancethreads [ ], An Online E-commerce Website selling dancewear.

Originally designed with PDGSoft and the E-commerce back-end with a Joomla Content Management System.  Recently updated utilizing SAAS Cloudbase provider BigCommerce for its eCommerce solution and a BigCommerce Template.

Features Facebook Pixel for selling on Facebook, Facebook messaging, and customer reviews.  Merchandinsg dynamic popups and cart abandonment.


  Other Website Projects
EbandNetworks Website was a tool for Artist and Music Industry. Geared towards the D.I.Y. Artist. Eband Networks is a place to sell your music, your musical gear, your own concert tickets and to top things off, raise money with your own Fan Funding campaign all wrapped into one.

Other community features included an industry Rolodex to mine and self promote. Share your experience with other artist on how you were treated as easy as leaving comment for other community members.

Industry can get in on the action by managing their free listing in our directory, check it out if its their claim it if its not add it.

(Project Offline

Mixing Trax Website 

Currently in beta, this community website has education at its heart. Member educating members on how to mix music. 

Some Website features include: 

CrowdMixing: where members can upload their tracks, for other members to use and get their mix on. 

Community Forum: Prefer to read and ask questions? no better way then a simple forum.

Video instruction: Free and Premium instructional video content from the best found around the net in one local location. Members may even start their own video instruction channel.

Mixing Portfolios: Start you very own mixing portfolio. What better way to to drive new business then to let them hear your work.

As if that is not enough we have a monthly "Get In The Mix" contest of the best mix. Winners are selected by the community. Winning songs are digitally distributed on over 250 digital outlets. Both engineer and Songwriters win percentages of every sale well above industry royalty rates.

What makes this all great is that its all under one

(Project Offline)



2 and 3 camera video shoots of live performance.  From raw footage to nicely edited finished product.  I use Sony Vegas Pro and DVD architect Software for editing and compiling dvd's.

Videos Gallery Coming Soon.




Photography/Product shoots.  I use a Nikon D50 and a Nikon D5200 digital cameras.  Cropping, editing done with Adobe Photoshop.

Photo Gallery Coming Soon.

Music/Sound Engineering

Being a musician, and what started as a hobby, I've evolved to a full out for hire multi-track recording engineer.  I use Cakewalk Sonar Producer to capture and edit music.  Equipment include Presonus hardware and M audio Project Mix IO that feeds a built from scratch super computer configured on a 64bit windows 7 operating system, 20 gigs of ram, a AMD Phenom II 4 core processor with 3 solid state drives configured in a raid array and 5 terabytes of storage.    

Sounds Found on Soundcloud