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Stephen SMith Hobbies

Sharing the Music with Daughter on stage - here is keirra singing "Black Bird"


Skills for Fun


Now this is a favorite pastime - boating, it gets the family out to enjoy a sunset or ocean breeze during a harbor cruise and occasionally overnight trips to Catalina.

ON The SwellRaiser

                         { Behind the Helm of the Swell Raiser}


My music learning started at the age 9 and continues to this day.  My instrument of choice is the guitar.  I once thought that being a "Rock Star" was my career choice.


Today, I write and play my guitar when time permits. I still release my original music on Itunes under the stage name "Stephen Breeze".


My Daughter Keirra has shown some interest in writing and singing, so now, apart of my musical outlet is sharing and teaching her. (pictued above)

{Old school picture sporting a mullet, lol - Band: The Catch}


Not sure if vacationing is really a hobby, but it is something I plan on doing more of. My wife and I have taken a few choice vacations - the latest was New York and The Bahamas.(2013)

                                 {Central Park, New York City}

Living Life