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Stephen SMith A Family Cherished

27 years and counting

Mr. & Mrs Smith

It's 1989...I am in love and have fallen hard,  my nerves build turning my stomach as I wanted to tell her how I felt.  I remember these thoughts running around in my mind... do I tell her, is it too soon? What will she think?  I don’t want to scare her away…I took a deep breath, as I lay beside her, looking into her eyes.  I pause,  with a brief silence. I told her, ”I Love You”.  Her response was a soft loss of breath, a magical moment, one  I will always remember. She then whispers back “I love you too”.


Family at the Marina

A picture that captures the end of a weekend.

There's nothing more valuable than family.  The brief moments spent with your children, your loved one, this is what creates a lifetime of memories, this is the dividend of what really matters. 

I owe all my sports influences, my competitive edge to my little brother.  One of my most fondest memories of playing baseball as a youth.  We were the perfect team of pitcher and catcher - we even had a game where mom was umpire.

Today he is all grown up with a family of his own, residing Texas.  While we may have distance between us he is loved and thought of often.  

Brother and Family

The other Smith Family